Bell'Arte Music Drama

Elisabeth Wagner is a very talented and creative writer and musician. I have had the pleasure of performing two of her pieces. Her excellent scholarly research informs her works and she infuses them with a liveliness and vibrancy as she creates the characters to tell the story and sing the songs. Frankly, I just love her work. As a performer and as an audience member, I am drawn into the fascinating worlds she creates and am delighted to be there. I highly recommend her pieces to audience members, performers and students. I appreciate every aspect of her work.
— Kathy Cowan, singer and faculty member, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
Elisabeth Wagner’s productions are, in a word, wonderful. The scripts are intelligent and sensitive, blending history and music in a fascinating way. The singers, musicians and actors are all first-rate. I have enjoyed all her productions, some several times, and look forward to attending many more. Highly recommended.
— Ruth Simkin, M.D. and writer, Victoria BC
Elisabeth Wagner’s musical dramas are rich with the small details of life, and with beautiful music......Alice’s Gift is a poignant, uplifting and inspiring memoir and a beautifully crafted tribute to an extraordinary woman.
— Janis LaCouvee, community arts reviewer, "I have my own life to live"
Our music appreciation students loved the fact that it was more like a play with music than “just” a performance of pieces. And they were excited to recognize so many composers they had heard about in class.
— Dr. Barbara M. Reul (music history professor, Luther College, University of Regina; Regina Musical Club performance)
I particularly enjoyed...the treatment of art as a consequence of communal life, the unusual and affecting arranagements of period songs, ....and most of all for the glimpse of the human beings behind the artistic personae as they schlepped around a very ordinary house
— Steve Noyes, writer, Victoria; on performance of The House on Middagh Street